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Tweet from NE Bergen All Stars (@BergenAllStars)

NE Bergen All Stars N.E.B.A.S. / Bergen All Stars / B.T.B.L. (@BergenAllStars) tweeted at 4:07 PM on Sun, Jun 09, 2013:
Emerson 14u defeats New City Generals 14u via @BergenAllStars

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Memorial Day in Bergen County

NEBAS / Bergen All Stars Baseball League

This Memorial Day is one of the few weekends we do not schedule games on.  With so many activities going on, it is a time to sit back and enjoy your friends and family.  For so many it is the official kickoff of summer and N.E.B.A.S./ Bergen All Stars feels the same.

For those in the mood for competitive baseball there are a few great tournaments out there from the Memorial Day Classic, the Hackensack Memorial Day Tournament and a few others. memorialday Please contact us if you need any further information about this tournament and others.

Be safe, enjoy the weekend, watch the weather, be careful of thunder and lightning and think of those in Oklahoma who lost their lives and loved ones and those who survived, as they rebuild their lives.

Warmest Regards,

N.E.B.A.S. / Bergen All Stars


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